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LV Design & Build, celebrated for its 15 years of excellence in home remodeling in Austin, TX, now proudly offers Accessible Dwelling Units (ADUs) tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Upholding their core values of innovation, sustainability, and trustworthiness, these ADUs are designed with a focus on sustainable materials and customizable features to guarantee comfort, accessibility, and style.

Recognized for their personalized service and consistent 5-star reviews, LV Design & Build is dedicated to transforming the concept of your home with ADUs that embody their ethos of ‘Your Home, Your Way,’ making them a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of practicality and personalization in their living spaces.

Reimagine Your Space, Sustainably

Let’s revamp your home together with our innovative designs and personalized touch. Explore a remodel that reflects your style using sustainable materials. We’ve been crafting dream spaces in Austin for over 15 years, and it’s your turn now.

Connect with us and let’s make your vision a reality, your way.

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How LV Design and Build Can Help You Get Your Accessible Dwelling Unit

At LV Design & Build, we’re pleased to bring our innovative, sustainable, and trustworthy approach to helping our customers in Austin, TX, with their Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU) needs. We recognize how crucial it is to create spaces that aren’t just beautiful but are also functional and inclusive for everyone. That’s why we’re committed to designing and building ADUs that not only meet our clients’ specific needs but also adhere to the principles of sustainable construction.

Whether you’re looking to add an ADU for a family member with mobility challenges or simply aiming to increase your property’s value and utility, we’ve got the expertise to make your vision a reality. Trust us to handle everything from design to completion with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring your new space is everything you’ve hoped for and more.

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Why Choose Us For Your Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU)

At LV Design & Build, we believe your home should fit your life perfectly, and that’s why we’re the best choice for creating your Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU). With 15 years of experience and a shining track record of 5-star reviews, we’ve mastered the art of personalized service, ensuring your ADU is not just any space, but your space, tailored just the way you want it.

We’re committed to using sustainable materials, aligning with our core values of being innovative, sustainable, and trustworthy. Choosing us means opting for a team that listens, understands, and executes your vision with precision, making sure your home is not only accessible but also a reflection of your personal style and needs.

Let’s work together to build your dream ADU, the LV Design & Build way.

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Check out or 5-star reviews by our satisfied customers

Collin Smith
Collin Smith
Our previous contractor fell way below expectations. My family was in a bad spot and afraid to trust any other contractors. LV came to the rescue. Thank you, The Smiths
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson
Luis and his team are the best! The quality of their work speaks for itself, but their communication and customer service is what really wowed me. You cannot find a more skilled and professional crew to do a remodel!
Melissa Cater
Melissa Cater
Couldn't be happier with the home remodeling experience we had with this company! From start to finish, they were professional, attentive, and incredibly skilled. They transformed our space into exactly what we envisioned, and the whole process was smooth sailing. Plus, they finished right on time and within budget, which was a huge relief. If you're looking to spruce up your home, these folks are top-notch!
Chase VanDyke
Chase VanDyke
A true home run by LV Design & Build! We hired them to build us a new home from the ground up as an investment property, and they did a terrific job. They took care of all the subcontracting as well, from the site prep all the way to the finished product! Highly recommend!
Jennifer Avis
Jennifer Avis
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LV Design and Build surpassed all my expectations! Their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and communication were outstanding. From start to finish, they delivered exceptional service and created a stunning space that exceeded my vision. Highly recommend!
Alissa Jenblat
Alissa Jenblat
Great attention to detail and love the communication of the build. Thanks so much for your time and effort!
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson
Great service and great work!

Trust The Experts at LV Design & Build for Your ADU Projects in Austin, TX

When it comes to expanding your living space with an Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU), you want a partner you can rely on like the North Star—steady, unwavering, and always guiding you home. That’s precisely what we offer at LV Design & Build. Based in the heart of Austin, TX, we’ve built our reputation on being as trustworthy as the day is long, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect ADU for your needs.

We understand that an ADU is more than just an addition to your property; it’s a reflection of your lifestyle and a step towards sustainable living. That’s why we’re committed to using only the finest sustainable materials in our projects. We’re not just builders; we’re architects of dreams, turning your vision for an eco-friendly and accessible living space into a tangible reality. By choosing us, you’re not just making an investment in your home; you’re investing in a future where design, functionality, and sustainability meet.

Our team of experts takes pride in our open and honest communication, ensuring you’re involved every step of the way. From the initial sketches to the final touches, we’re with you, ensuring your ADU not only meets but exceeds your expectations. It’s this dedication to trustworthiness and quality that sets us apart and makes LV Design & Build the go-to choice for ADU projects in Austin. Let us bring your dream ADU to life, where every detail reflects your desire for a space that’s both beautiful and functional.

Aging in Place with Accessible Dwelling Units (ADUs)

As we’ve observed in our years of home remodeling, the concept of ‘aging in place’ has become increasingly important for many families. An Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU) offers a unique and effective solution to this growing need.

We’ve seen firsthand how these units can transform lives, allowing older adults to maintain their independence while staying close to their loved ones. It’s more than just adding grab bars or a no-step entry; it’s about creating a space that’s safe, comfortable, and tailored to the unique needs of its occupants.

Our approach to designing ADUs for aging in place focuses on blending functionality with comfort. We’ve learned that it’s not just about making a space accessible; it’s about crafting an environment that feels like home. From wider doorways that accommodate mobility devices to adjustable countertops and thoughtful lighting, every detail matters.

The goal is to create a space where aging individuals can navigate freely and safely, reducing the risk of falls and increasing their ability to live independently. We’ve seen the joy on our clients’ faces when they see their new space for the first time, knowing it’s been designed with their specific needs in mind.

Moreover, incorporating technology has become a cornerstone of our ADU designs for aging in place. Smart home features can greatly enhance the quality of life for older adults, offering everything from voice-activated systems that control lighting and temperature to advanced security features that provide peace of mind for both the occupants and their families.

We’re always exploring new innovations that can make these units not just livable, but enjoyable. It’s about creating a haven that supports aging gracefully, ensuring that every element of the ADU contributes to a sense of well-being and autonomy. Through these specialized ADUs, we’re proud to help families adapt to life’s changes, ensuring their loved ones can age in place with dignity and comfort.

Revealing Your Home’s Hidden Potential with Accessible Dwelling Units (ADU)

In today’s world, where space is a luxury many can’t afford, we’ve stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery: your home is actually larger than you think. Yes, you read that right.

While it might seem like just another day in paradise, trying to cram your life into the space you’ve got, there’s a hero waiting in the wings, ready to save the day. Enter the Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU), a solution so simple, it’s almost funny we didn’t think of it sooner.

Now, we all know the drill. You buy a house, and over the years, it starts to shrink. Or so it seems. Furniture accumulates, family grows, and suddenly, the walls are closing in. It’s ironic, really, how our homes, our personal castles, can start to feel more like cramped dungeons.

But here’s where we turn the tale on its head. With an ADU, we’re not just adding space; we’re reclaiming the freedom your home promised you from the start. It’s not just an addition; it’s a revolution, a way to tell your space, ‘You don’t own me.’

We’ve seen it all before. The skepticism, the raised eyebrows, the ‘But where would we even put it?’ questions. And to that, we say, let’s think outside the box while staying within your property lines.

An ADU can be a cozy nook for guests, a haven for a family member, or even your new favorite work-from-home spot. It’s the ultimate irony: by acknowledging the limits of your space, you actually expand them. So, while the rest of the world scrambles for more, we invite you to discover the more you already have, hiding in plain sight.

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Explore How an Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU) Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

At LV Design & Build, we recognize the significance of creating a living environment that caters to everyone’s needs, providing independence, comfort, and dignity. That’s why we believe an Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU) is the ideal solution for anyone seeking to elevate their home life.

Our unique sales proposition centers around delivering versatile spaces that not only meet any requirement but also enhance your property’s value and are tailored for accessibility.

Firstly, we’ve witnessed firsthand how an ADU can change lives. Whether you’re looking to accommodate family members with mobility challenges, planning for your later years, or simply wanting to add a cozy and accessible space to your home, an ADU is a flexible solution.

Our designs ensure that everyone can enjoy their home to the fullest, with features like barrier-free entrances, wider doorways, and user-friendly bathrooms. These elements make daily living easier and more enjoyable for everyone, irrespective of their mobility.

Furthermore, incorporating an ADU into your property is a wise financial decision. Not only does it boost your property’s value, but it also provides the opportunity for rental income or can function as a guest house for visitors. Our team focuses on creating spaces that are:

  • Tailored to meet your specific accessibility needs,
  • Designed to seamlessly blend with your existing home, and
  • Constructed with premium materials that guarantee longevity and comfort.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving independence and dignity through well-planned designs and construction. An ADU from LV Design & Build is not just an extension to your home; it’s an investment in your quality of life.

Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU) Services FAQ

What exactly is an Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

An ADU, or Accessible Dwelling Unit, is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot. It’s designed to be completely independent from the main residence, offering its own kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. We’ve been incorporating sustainable materials and innovative designs to make sure these units not only meet the needs of homeowners but also adhere to our core values of sustainability and innovation.

How can an ADU benefit me and my property?

There are several benefits to adding an ADU to your property. First, it can greatly increase your property value. Second, it’s a great way to generate passive income through renting it out. And third, it offers a flexible living solution, whether it’s for a family member or as a guest house. With our focus on personalized service, we’ll make sure your ADU fits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Are there specific regulations for building an ADU in Austin, TX?

Yes, there are. Austin has specific codes and regulations regarding the construction of ADUs, including size limitations, parking requirements, and zoning laws. Our team’s been handling these regulations for over 15 years, making sure that every ADU we build is compliant, without you having to worry about the legwork.

How long does it typically take to build an ADU?

The timeline can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, obtaining permits, and the overall scope of the project. Generally, it takes several months from start to finish. We pride ourselves on maintaining open and honest communication throughout the process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Can an ADU be customized to my specific needs?

Absolutely! That’s what we’re all about: ‘Your Home, Your Way.’ Whether you’re looking for a space that’s wheelchair accessible, eco-friendly, or designed with specific aesthetic preferences in mind, we’re here to make sure your ADU is tailored to your exact needs. With our commitment to personalized service, we’re excited to bring your vision to life using sustainable materials and innovative designs.

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Accessible Dwelling Unit ADU Services